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How to Burn Mandrake on CD

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Hi I am very new to linux. I just finsihed downloading mandrake 10. And when I extracted the files it all came out in folders. I though it was going to be 3 iso. files that I could just burn on to a cd. If I just burn the files on the cd will that work? Or is there more involed please help



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Hi rfsoulrebel, and welcome! 8)


if what you downloaded were three big (600+ MB) files, then chances are good

you have the ISO files you're expecting. Knowing the URI you used to grab

the files would help me confirm this for you.


Assuming what you have are indeed the ISO files, you do not extract them.


You burn them as an image to disc. Double-check your burner software settings

before you start the burn to ensure you're burning an image to disc, and not burning

them as regular files to disc.


Until you know your burner well enough to know if it works reliably at a high speed,

choose the slowest speed available for burning your discs.


hope to hear news of your success...



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Don't forget to verify the ISO files you've downloaded before attempting

to burn them.


It seems WinRAR has gotten in the act and confused things.


If you verify the "rar" files to confirm the correct MD5sum, and the md5sums are all

correct, then a simple renaming of the files from ".rar" to ".iso" should make

your burning software happy.


Are you sure they aren't ".iso" files but WinExplorer just lists them as WinRAR files?


Open Explorer go to the "Tools" menu item -> Folder Options -> View

-> and uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types" option

in the Files and Folders section.


If they are already ".iso" files and you didn't know it, then there's no need

to rename them.


Be sure to avail yourself of all of the helpful information in the middle

of the "Helpful Stuff" box on the lower left of the LinuxISO.org homepage.



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