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How an IrDa Device can be used in M.L.Official 10 ? ? ?

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Hello friends, Linux is very much like Life. Full of Challanges ? ? ? Full of Confrontations ? ? ? Is it not ? Any way, when i switched over Fedora Core 1 to Mandrake Linux Official 10.0 I thought that now i have a Perfect OS on my desktop. i would never ever face any difficulty, It is almost true. Because M.L.10 supports almost every Hardware except, internal Soft Modem and Irda Port.



Well this is the problem with me, but i am glad that i can access the intelligent help of you guys.i trust you, you have solved so many problem of mine while i was working in Fedora Core 1. Now guys, i have to face only one problem as following........

I have USB to IrDa device, Which i use commenly for tranfer of ringtones and images from PC to my Cellular Phones. The same device is working properly in Win XP. Please any body tell me how can i get the same job done in Linux.


Hoping for quick reply.......


with regards............



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well, let's see... a google search on "irda usb linux" provides this Infrared-HOWTO document.

It's the section on IrDA-USB dongles.


According to the HOW-TO and the Linux USB Project page, if your dongle

is made by SigmaTel or uses the SigmaTel chipset the answer

to your question is: you can't get there from here. sorry.


However, if the dongle is an Actisys or Extended System then MDK10 should already

have the FIR-USB driver you need.



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