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hello everybody!


so just though about poping in to work out some problems with my linukx problems. Im ruuning mandrake 9.2 (fully updated) on my comp and some graphics render on the screen slow. Normal on the screen graphics like the gui, video and pictures render normal time. But when it gets to graphics that need to be further processed before showing (3d, flash, any complex effect) the frame rate drops down to about 2 fps. I've already read the tips on flash but that made no diffrence.



mandrake 9.2 download edition (kde), fully updated

nivida geforce 4

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there's three different video drivers to sample:


2. Nvidia non-proprietary (as in LibreSoftware)

3. Nvidia proprietary (as in direct from Nvidia and licensed)


which one are you using now?


any hints of video driver problems in the log file

produced by "X -probeonly :1" ?



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