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Unable to connect to Internet Mandrake 10

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I have just installed Mandrake 10 on one of my PCs. I have a small home network with 3 desktops (one of them with Mandrake)and a laptop with wireless, connected to the Linksys Wireless A Broadband Router BEFW11S4. The internet connection is via an ADSL modem connected to the Router.


The home network is functioning perfectly and the Windows PCs have no problem connecting to Internet. The Mandrake PC has no problem with the home network: it can access all shared files on the other Windows machines. However when using Konqueror to access internet, the only web page I can access is mandrakeonline.com! Every other Webpage gives the message 'Timeout on server'.


My ISP uses a proxy server and I have entered the details in the Proxy page of the Mandrake Control Center. I have also disabled (temporarily) the Firewall.


Has anybody got any ideas what I am doing wrong? I am new to Linux but am anxious to learn.




Kevin Cleary


Buenos Aires, Argentina



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