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System shutdown during gaming, I think due to RADEON 9800PRO 128M...need help...

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I recently bought a new system, as seen below:



MB nForce2|5P1A4D NF7-S V2 ABIT ATX


2X DDR 512MB|DDR400 CL3 PC3200 RTL




Problem is as follows, everytime i run a game...Farcry, City of Heroes, Painkiller, etc, my system will eventually shutdown the game and return me to windows, or worse, my entire system will shutdown (a more recent development). This doesnt always happen immediately...sometimes it will be after 20 minutes...sometimes after 5 minutes. I have tried installing all of the newest drivers to my machine but nothing has worked. I believe the problem may be related directly to my vid card due to the fact that I put my ancient GeForce 2 in and the programs did not crash. However, I do not this it is defective as it worked in my friends comp. I have purchased a new power supply as well (350 Watts which should be sufficient). Has anyone out there experienced any compatability or driver issues with this card? I am stumped and do not know where to go from here.

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What temps are you getting for your CPU?

What brand of power supply did you get? A generic 350W is not the same as a brand name unit, like Antec, Sparkle/Fortron, or if you're loaded, PC Power & Cooling supplies. While I agree that 350W should be fine, it might not be a bad thing to try a 400W or greater unit...again of a quality brand and not some generic unit.

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I bought an ANTEC. Not sure on the temps i am running at. Ill have to check on that. I would think 350W should do it, but then again, who knows...any thoughts on potential software conflicts???

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I have exactly the same problem. My config:


AMD K7 2400+

512 DDR

420 W Power Supply

RADEON 9800 SE 128 megs Expert Vision

HD Seagate 60 GB



Any help/idea/suggestion ?

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