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Network here one min gone the next

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my workgroup was available one minute and gone the next (after a couple of changes). before, i could see my xp machines from suse but not my suse from the xp's. i tried to get an xp to join the suse domain but it said domain controller not available. i said forget the suse server idea, lemme just have the machines see each other without bothering with directories and such. i made some changes and now it says there aren't any workgroups available. all i want to do is share media between the machines.


so far, i've:

-allowed ports 137:139 in yast

-enabled smbd and nmbd at startup

(oh this reminds me, in swat it says that these aren't running, and if i click start or restart it refreshes the page and tells me that they're still not running)


i've been using swat. here's my smb.conf. any ideas?



workgroup = MSHOME


interfaces =, eth0

bind interfaces only = Yes

map to guest = Bad User

pam password change = Yes

preferred master = Yes

domain master = Yes

dns proxy = No

wins support = Yes

printer admin = @ntadmin, root, administrator

hosts allow =,

#the first is the xp machine, the second is the suse


comment = Home Directories

valid users = %S

read only = No

create mask = 0600

directory mask = 0700

browseable = No



comment = All users

path = /home

read only = No

inherit permissions = Yes

veto files = /aquota.user/groups/shares/



comment = All groups

path = /home/groups

read only = No

inherit permissions = Yes



comment = PDF creator

path = /var/tmp

create mask = 0600

printable = Yes

print command = /usr/bin/smbprngenpdf -J '%J' -c %c -s %s -u '%u' -z %z



comment = All Printers

path = /var/tmp

create mask = 0600

printable = Yes

browseable = No



comment = Printer Drivers

path = /var/lib/samba/drivers

write list = @ntadmin, root

force group = ntadmin

create mask = 0664

directory mask = 0775


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