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The best Free Linux Manuals

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I just wanted to say, how good is it when you have the right documentation on hand. After a bunch of trouble I found this fabulous Linux Mnauals on the net. Agustin's Linux Manual is a series written by Agustin Velasco. These Linux manuals are for all levels starting from Installation for beginners....to Linux Administration, Networking and all server configurations. Oh covers Multimedia as well.


I found these Manuals very helpful... through the Installation and configuration of My web server,FTP, and Postfix mail. The whole series is in a step by step format...which makes it perfect for people like me smile


I thought that this would be a great info for all of you.


During my search I found a thread here: http://justlinux.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=129647


You can download them for free directly from here:


http://www.globusz.com/authors_v.asp [an E-Book Website]




Well people this was my two cents of the day

try to enjoy and make it a great day!





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I've been reading it over, and he is very concise and clear. I would recommend anyone who is interested in Linux read this. It has invaluable information for new users in plain language, and clarifies a lot of information, (and misinformation) for us mid-level users! smile

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