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Anyone losing chkdsk on reboot and safe mode from Norton AV 2004?

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Recently reinstalled a friends OS and updated it all and whatnot (Since I have DSL and know computers more than she).


Got everything updated, latest drivers, latest bios and latest critical updates and whatnot. Her HD has some viruses, so I zeroed out the HD even though the boot sector hadn't been pegged by NAV as infected.


Everything works fine, and then I install NAV 2004. Then, things still work fine, unless I chose to do a chkdsk (system drive) on reboot, or a safe mode launch.


Can anyone who has NAV2004 duplicate this problem? If you try to duplicate the problem (do so at your own risk) I'd suggest trying the safe mode bit, as the chkdsk of the system drive results in chkdsk trying and failing on each boot. (and CtrlAltDel didn't reboot when going for safe mode, had to use reset button)


I litterally did a chkdsk (ran fine) then on next boot installed NAV, then rebooted and live-updated until it was completely up to date. Then did another scndsk, and it failed. As did attempts at safe mod afterword.


A samsung disk utility can't seem to find any errors with the drive in three passes. The drive is 2 years old.


Trying to dig in symantec knowledge base about it...


I know you can chkdsk from the recover console, but then you've got to get out your windows disk and what about safe mode?

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