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Another Proble,m with Mandrake 10

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I have a problem with Linux MANDRAKE 10...when i boot from cd...when he search and test hardware he send me a mesage that is something wrong with hda1 (no working with 20 GB MMAXTOR or 10 GB IBM ) But run normaly wit old disk WD 1.6 GB.. I have IBM PIII 667 MHz 192 MB ram...DVD (sory about my eanglish...i don speak realy much (i m from SLOVENIA)

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Are these drives set up as IDE drives and not scsi?


What filesystems are on the drives formatted with, NTFS, vfat...?


Also, how are the drive(s) jumpered...master primary, primary slave...


If you are trying the drives one by one, make sure that you are using the proper cables for the drive(s)and that they are properly oriented for pin 1, etc and that each drive is jumpered correctly, based on the manufacturer's recommendations.


Mixing drive brands (if you are using more than one of the drives in the system at a time) can be a problem.

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