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Norton Ghost and DVD burner problem

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When I try to use Norton Ghost 2003 to image c: drive to DVD+RW plextor

external drive with USB port, it just refuses to do it, even

though the software does have an option to image to USB drive.


I contacted Plextor and they claim that probably Norton Ghost does

not support USB drives.


Is there any way that I can accomplish the task without having

to install another internal drive. I would sincerely hope to

use the external USB process if at all possible.


Many thanks for the help.


In the mean time lost in the wilderness.



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Fear not. It's just that you haven't fully set up Norton Ghost's options. If you open Ghost and open Options and highlight and click on each one in the list, you'll find one that deals with external USB storage devices. You just need to configure that. I suspect that Ghost will then work properly for you.

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Actually, Gulab, Symantec state in the Ghost 2003 handbook that not all CD/DVD drives are supported (pretty obvious, really). But I would have thought you'd not have a problem with Plextor. If you look in the handbook, you'll see that Symantec recommends referral to one of their websites where lists of compatible drives can be seen.


That said, my NEC DVD re-writer (internal type) wasn't on the list and yet it works perfectly with Ghost.

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Dear Packman,


My problem is that I bought plextor burner first and then I

bought Norton Ghost.


I did take your advice and went into optiions>external drive

and clicked on USB2.11.


I used the Wizard to guide me thru. It rebooted the computer

to start the DOS. Then I got the message "Abort 2203 Invalid

CD/DVD drive specified"


It is very difficult for me to understand why plextor and

Symantic would not get together and solve this problem of

compatibility or imcompatibility.


In the meantime I am still in the wilderness.


Many thanks for your help.


Best regards,


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