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My monitor is not supporting proper GUI booting

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I have LG Studioworks 700E mointor. I had recently bought the new PC and installed RH 9.0, but when i am booting into the system, instead of showing a GUI login, it is showing lot of vertical lines on the screen. I tried Fedore Core 1.0 with same effect. I have Intel 845 GV chipset with 16 MB video memory on a mercury motherboard. Pentium 4 prescott processor with 2.4Ghz speed and 256 MB RAM. What could be the problem, if its a problem because of my monitor, what can I do other than selling my monitor as scrap.


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Don't know if it will work with yours but when I have that

problem, I set up my monitor as "Generic" and set the resolution

and refresh rate to something supported by my monitor.

If it is a new monitor you can also try setting monitor choice

to plug n play.

I run Mandrake 10 on my permanent Linux machine.Mandrake10 has

found and set up everything I tried it with.Mandrake finds and

properly sets some hardware other distros have problems with.


Some say FC 2 is better but I haven't had much luck with it.

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