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Problem upgrade to Mandrake10

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I 'm having problem to upgrade Mandrake10 official from Mandrake10 Community. I have installed M_10 Community both my home and my office.

At home I have upgrade to M_10 official realease without any problem but when I tried at my work, it doesn't give me the option to upgrade, just to reinstall and also to format my disk.

The most strange thing is that I already have done in this PC an upgrade from Mandrake 9 to M_10 Community.

I have also Win2000 Pro in this PC and the partition was created with Partition Magic 8.


any help would be greatly appreciated


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My opinion...leave well enough alone. Unless you own the computer at work, you chance trashing the Windows install. There are too many variables here. If the system is just a desktop, that is one thing. If the system is connected to a network at your work site, this is a risk. Obviously, you do not want to format the drive.


Is there something that you need in the official release?


If not, enjoy what you have. I am a lan admin at my job and just re-imaged my boss´ system because he tried to install his palm software on his system too many times trying to get it to work. There were so many install tries with different versions that it was impossible to sort it out.

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