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Oracle Applications 11i

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I'm trying to in stall Oracle Applications 11i under a Linux Redhat 8 Pentium IV, 14 GB free disk


when Oracle Installer starts, it shows a error message in Spanish like


"La zona intermedia no es valida. No hay componentes de nivel superior para Linux disponibles para la instalación en esta zona intermedia"


"the midzone isn't valid, there aren't available high level components in Linux for the instalation on this zone"


... something like that ....


when I click OK, Universal Installer starts but when I click on the NEXT button the ERROR appears again and that's all.. I can't continue


please, can someone help me????




Diego... frownfrown

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I need some help with the Oracle Applications 11i "11.5.7" on my RedHat 8, but if it does not work I have to use another redhat version.


Someone have a manual or something like that ??


I was looking for on Metalink but I don't find what I'm looking for...


thanks... laugh

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