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how to backup ntfs in linux

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i have win xp pro, with a maxtor hard drive and ati card. recently i started geting delay-write-failure errors and problems writing to $mft. ive decided to reformat and do a fresh install since i am positive this should fix the problem. now im using knoppix 3.4


my problem is that i want to backup my files. i see 2 solutions:


1)create a server through knoppix so i can access my files across the network and burn a dvd using my roommates computer (he has win2k). the problem here is i have no idea what im doing, i set up a terminal server but i dont think that did anything. iwas trying to setup ftpd so my roommate could just use IE over our lan, but again im dumb


2)resize my ntfs partition using ntfsresize and fdisk. it could only be that simple if xp wasnt crap (fyi im looking at wine). ntfsresize can actually resize a defragmented partition in most instances, but damn if i'm lucky. so basically i need to defragment ntfs through knoppix, because i cant use the defrag tool in xp.


so there u have it.

seriously any help or insight would be greatly appreciated

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Before you go any further, take a look at the following link and see if it applies to your situation;




It also has some suggested fixes, before you go ahead and re-format.


Let us know what you think.


Just do a search on google for "delay-write-failureand you will also get the full thread.

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i actually found that same link as well as couple others, and they are similar to my situation .. well kind of.


"delay-write-error" is a common symptom to the larger problemn of xp being crap. this is as common as the blue-screen-of-death and the developers at M$ know whats wrong, they just wont admit it. unfortuneately, some of my appz dont run under wine(yet) so i do need to keep xp around for awhile.


regardless of what i decide to do, ithink it would be a good idea to back my files. again i have the option of resizing ntfs through knoppix 3.4 (but i need a way to defrag first) or transfer my files across the lan to my roomate (he has win2k). either i way im stuck

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Sounds like you know more about this issue than I do. The question is, can you use win xp on your system at all?


If not, the easier solution may be to install your drive into your roommates system (as a secondary drive in the system) and backup important files to DVD. Of course, you will need to have access to a DVD in your system to restore the data back into XP after you re-install it. As long as you are sure that the drive itself is OK and not failing.


If you have access to XP, you should be able to mark your directories as share directories, then use your roommate's system to fetch the files that you need to DVD from Network Neighborhood from the Windows 2000 box.


Alternately, download the files that you need to a directory on the 2000 system and burn the DVD backup.


Do you have access to a DVD on your system?


The other option, would be to do a repair installation on your system. But, I can undertand your need to back up the files first.


Just how to do this in Knoppix, I don't know, but I am willing to look at it and see what I can find.


Perhaps, others have better ideas.



Take a look at the following links that may help, as well;





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