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NTFS seems corrupted, how to backup files inside?

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Hi all,

My NTFS partition seems corrupted. It can't boot win xp inside(either normal mode or safe mode) and ERD commander can't read this partition, but recovery console and CIA commander can read files inside.


any suggustions to backup files inside before delete this partition and reinstall xp?


Thanks and sorry for my English.

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do you have another w2k/xp system handy? what i would do is hang the drive in another system as slave and just copy the files/burn them to cd/memory stick . there is also a "pe system builder cd" on the net (try barts boot disks in google) where you can boot the a basic xp system from cd and copy the files to another machine or ftp server. these solutions should work if the files on the disk are still readable....good luck

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