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Any luck with (linuxant) driverloader and Mepis 2004?

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For now Im stick with Mepis 2003.10 because I cant install Driverloader on Mepis 2004 its ask for the Kernel Sources I downloaded them and still asking for files inside it. If someone solve this problem, please let me know. wink

I want to use the Wireless Card !!!!!

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From the Linuxant FAQ page;


The driver module is separate from your kernel, but it must have been compiled using the same sources. This means that whenever you upgrade your kernel, you have two possibilities:


1) Download the driver package from Linuxant's web site that corresponds to your new kernel version - if it's a very recent kernel, we might not have released a package for it yet.


2) Use the generic drivers (downloadable from Linuxant's web site) instead of using drivers specific to a single Linux distribution and kernel. To use the generic drivers, the kernel source tree used to build the kernel that you are running has to be installed. When using the kernel supplied by your Linux distribution, you can simply install the "kernel-source" package.


With the generic drivers, you can easily recompile the module after upgrading your kernel by running the following command:


dldrconfig --kernel


Found at DriverLoader FAQ

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