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Still A Newbie: Boot Manager Question (Mandrake 9.1)

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Here is my prob...I am running a dual boot system...Win2K Pro and Linux Mandrake 9.1. I am using Linux's boot manager. I had a problem installing Linux the first time so I re-installed again and now there are duplicate listings in the boot manager. Where is tyhe file I need to edit to remove the extra linux? =)


Thanks for the help!

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Lilo or Grub...hmmm. Well, The screen is blue that comes up, I used Lilo long ago and it wasn't blue..so I think Grub. Yes the two installs of mandrake were on the same partition. I just want the one I don't use removed from the list...easier said than done?

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First, it is a god idea to have a boot floppy, which hopefully you have already made, say during the install. If in doubt about any of this - stop and ask.


If you are sure that you have multiple/duplicate entries, there is actually an easy way to do this in the Mandrake Control Center. It could be Lilo or Grub, mine is Lilo and is a blue screen, as well.


***Note - these directions are for Lilo entries***


1.Do to start--> system--> configuration--> configure your computer. After you put in your root pasword, this brings you to the Mandrake Control Center.


2. Pick boot--> bootloader


3. You will see what bootloader you have. Under ¨bootloader to use¨, mine says Lilo. Yours will say whichever you have.


Under ¨boot device¨ it should say /dev/hda1, assuming you have it installed to the first partition on the master hard drive.


4. Click ¨next¨


5. Now you will see the entries in Lilo or Grub. You should have at least three entiries for Mandrake, such as (for Lilo);


linux (/boot/vmlinuz)*


This is the current default bootloader entry, which you want to keep - notice the * which designates the default entry.


Linux-nonfb (/boot/vmlinuz)

Linux-failsafe (/boot/vmlinuz)

windows (/dev/hda1)

floppy )/dev/fd0)


You want to keep these.


If there are older entries, and you are sure, use the remove button to delete the entry. There should only be one extra entry, in your case.


6. Click finish.


If you have Grub, the entires should look somewhat different. If in doubt, back out (cancel) and post back.


Final note - I hope that you made a boot floppy, just in case!







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Sorry it took me a while to get back to you..been busy as hell! Anyway.. your post above did the trick, I was able to get the boot menu exactly how I want it. Many thx!

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