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Problems with Mandrake 10.0 Official

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this is my first experience on Linux so i hope you guys can help me out on this.


anyway, i just got the Mandrake Linux 10.0 Official CD (4 of them altogether), and i'm able to read the CDs fine (in Windows mode that is). so i changed the boot device in my BIOS and tried to boot up using the Mandrake CD 1 and it didn't work. an error of something like "Please insert system disk" comes out during boot up. so i tried using CD 2 instead cause i've read in some places that sometimes CD 2 works, but still the same error appears.


so i tried using the floppy to boot which i wrote using Raw Write. and i'm finally able to boot into the Mandrake installation screen. but when it reaches the part that its searching for the Mandrake CD, it doesn't seem to be able to find the CD. it prompts me to chose which of my drives i want to use (both my DVD and CD Writer drives are in the list), but no matter which drive i try using either CD 1 or CD 2, it still give me a msg saying "CD does not appear to be a Mandrake Installation CDROM".


any ideas?


i would really appreaciate any help you guys can offer. thanks again.

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I just had this exact same problem re-installing Mandrake 10.


Probably a hadware issue with the cdrom drives/bios accepting the cdrw or dvd as a boot medium.


First, don't use the dvd drive, try the cdrw drive only.


Make sure that the first boot device in the bios is cdrom.


Insert the second disk and boot. When you get the error message about the disk not being a Mandrake install cd, switch to the first disk (disk 1) and hit the enter key. You may have to hit the neter key again if it fails.


Where did you get the Mandrake cd's from? I assume that you dd not burn them yourself, since you have all 4 disks?

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hi danleff, thanks for the reply.


unfortunately i've tried that but it still won't work. as i mentioned before, it just won't boot with either CD 1 or CD 2. the only way it does boot is by using the floppy created from RawWrite. and when i do reach the part where it asks me to choose which drive i'm using, and eventually give me the msg saying that its not the Mandrake Installation CD, it still doesn't read the disc at all. and the thing is it actually lists both my drives there.


anyway i got the CDs from a friend of mine (not sure where he gets them though) just to try out Linux for a change.

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