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Anyone Using WinFax Pro and a Courier Modem?

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We just bought a brand new Courier business modem to replace our old sportster. We use it for faxing with Winfax Pro 10.02. If anyone else uses a courier with Winfax I'd be curious to know your initialization strings within Winfax. We have had nothing but problems with this modem. We can send fine, but just can't receive. I have used all the recommended settings from Symantec's site and also been on the phone with USR tech support going through all "their" recommended settings. USR said it should work right out of the box.


Stuff I have tried:

1.) New Install Of Winfax on 2 diff Comps (Win2k and Win2k3)

2.) Tried another Cable

3.) Tried multiple INIT settings

4.) Had fax line tested

5.) Tried various Courier drivers (Old ones seemed to work better)


The one thing I wanted to try but didn't was using another fax program. Where we just got the darn thing, I called and got an RA and had them send out another modem. I just wanted to know what others are using for init settings.


- Lotus

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