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Windows 2003 Small Business Server Migration Questions.

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All -


We've been tasked to setup a new server at our local private hostpital, The network is only reasonably small - 1 PDC and about 25 Clients. All standard stuff with the exception of a third party program running on the server and a seperate instance server operating outside of our control on the network - providing a database service of some nature (not important in the equation).


We have windows 2003 SBS on a grunty IBM server to deploy, its going to be running the FSMO roles, Exchange, and DNS. It is replacing a 2000 Server box with the same services (minus DNS).


Our Internet connection is a Secure Business Internet system provided by the local Telco, Which essentially is a sophisticated DSL modem with encrypted channels to the telco's internet access points. This box is allocating IP addresses to the clients, this is not going to change at all.


What we're after is some advice on the easiest way to replace the current PDC with our new one; keeping client data and mail, and not having to recreate AD or any profiles for our clients (which are mixed 2k, 9x etc)


My biggest concern that I'm hoping someone can address is the relationship between 2003 SBS and 2000 Server - will they "talk" to each other initially - if I were to add SBS to the domain as a Memeber server, then promote it to PDC?


I've got about a week, so please, get cracking with some replies.



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You will have to install, install active directory, then move the fsmo roles to it. No way to install and make it a PDC emulator otherwwise. You also can't make it an emulated BDC either.

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