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Backup & Restore Issues

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Hello Sirs,

I m using Redhat Linux 9 in my PC, and I have connected DLT 4000 Tape drive to my PC it has been recognised under /dev/st0.

Now by using third party backup software(Netvault 7 from BakBone) i have taken a backup on to the tape in cpio format, backup has completed and now i want to restore the backed up file to my hard disk using cpio or tar command. iS IT Possible to restore using cpio or tar command? if it is possible, then pls give me the syntax of using it.

i have tried using "cpio -itv < /dev/st0 ." it will show "read error: Input/Output error" at first time and again if i try the same command means it will display "Found end of the tape type device/filename and try again". can anybody have solution for this? pls help me...

Thankful for the solution providers..


Thank U.


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