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Funky Problem with Win2000/Office 2000 Help Files.

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Hey Guys,


I have run into one of the wierdest problems. In any Office 2000 application, Click on the Help file, and the Help Window pops up, only ALL Gray. I have read some problems with MSOHELP.exe, but I don't get any error messages or events in the log.


I have performed the following:

- Renamed/Replaced the MSO Help Files

- Reset usage data for Office

- Removed Office and Reinstalled (Including smoking the Directory)

- Reinstalled SP4

- Ran and installed ALL Windows Updates

- Re-installed IE 6.0 sp2


The next step is nuking the machine, and starting over with a new build.


Any Ideas?






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I work in an IT Department and a user has come to me with this same problem.


Dell Latitude D600 laptop

Windows XP Professional (DELL OEM)

Windows XP Service Pack 2

Office 2000 Professional SR-1 (with SP2 and SP3)

Visio 2003 (classed as an Office 2003 installation)

Internet Explorer 6


I have tried looking in the Microsoft Knowledge Base but everything I have tried makes no difference. I have also repaired the installation.


If I type into the Office assistant search box (e.g. 'underline') I get some matches. If I select a match a help window appears but is blank (a light grey colour). I have the same result which ever version is being used (2000 or 2003).


Any help/suggestions would be very welcome as a reinstallation of the machine is "out of the question" to quote the user.



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