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USB Flash Drives as data storage devices?

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At the moment, we currently back-up all of our accounting data on a rotating cycle of 250Mg ZipDisks. While we have not experienced any catastrophic problems, we are nonetheless considering instituting other back-up media so we're not so vulnerable to the whims or problems of Zip technology. At the moment, we are considering both a removeable USB hard drive or USB Flash Drives. Once again, the purpose is simply spread the data-risk over additional technologies.


While a removable USB Hard Drive is easier to consider, due to its' familiar format, the USB Flash Drives are quite interesting due to ease-of-use, size, low cost, etc.... During our research so far, however, the Flash Drive reviews we have looked at (Lexar JumpDrive, SanDisk Cruzer, and Curcial Gizmo) don't really seem to address data storage.


So, here's the question(s):


1) Should we even be considering USB Flash Drives for data storage. And, if they are worth considering........


2) Does anyone have good or bad experiences to share about their use of such devices for the task we're considering?



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