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SECURITY IN LINXU SUSE 9.0 PRO????????????????????????

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I finaly got my net going for suse,and i was wondering if you guys can tell a newbie to linux, on what type of internet security i should have?I have configured the firewall that comes with the suse pro,but on my winxp i have a slew of security software,but im clueless to what this version of linux needs for safe surFing the net.THANKS!!!!!!1

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Security, what security? laugh


Seriously, if you have the firewall running, you should be fine (don't flame me others).


I have had various versions of Linux up for over 4 years now, with no problem. Just don't run as root (you normally run as user anyway).


The only other concern is a wireless system, and even with this, I have had no problems.


As for XP, well enough said. You may want to download the latest service pack security update...

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