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Stealth III S540 Extreme problems

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I am having difficulties with the Stealth III S540 Extreme. I noted that on the page the Stealth III S540 was listed as "working like a dream under direct3d". That's certainly NOT the case for me. It goes incredibly slow when rendering direct3d in certain games (cough cough Revenant) and also Grand Theft Auto 2 does NOT recognize my card as a valid card (even though i used the exact same card under windows 98) And yes I did uncheck limit game speed. If there's any way to get drivers for the S540 Extreme under windows 2000 or to fix my problems, I would appreciate a response. Thank you.

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Direct from the Diamond Multimedia Website:

S3 Savage4 Xtreme for leading graphics features with 128-bit 2D, 3D and video engine

AGP 4X (compatible with all AGP slots including AGP 2X/1X) for awesome graphics

Life like 3D image quality featuring S3TCTM texture compression, which has been licensed by Microsoft as a standard in DirectX 6.1

128-bit Windows® acceleration for lightning-fast high resolution

32MB of high-speed memory for high resolutions to 1920x1440

Hardware-accelerated DVD to view full screen DVD (MPEG-2) and MPEG-1 videos

Direct3D® and OpenGL® support for today's hottest games and software

InControl Tools 99 for customization of settings for Direct3D, OpenGL, color corrections, anti-aliasing, sample rates and 3D features to optimize the balance between graphics quality and system performance. The Diamond Update Wizard provides automatic software driver detection, download and installation.

Exclusive software offers from Diamond, Chumbo.comTM, and Channelware NetActive®


This chipset is the same as the S540, and although the driver is for the S3 Savage4 chipset, it is for PCI devices, not for AGP devices. (at least the one driver I have). And the S540 Extreme is an AGP device. So...That's my problem. Graphics card driver isn't correct =P


Also i'm having a prob with my Lexmark 3200, windows 2000 doesn't have a driver for it. Kind of bad =(. what a waste i thought win2k would be better then this

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Well, there's always the fact that all of win2k's drivers are BETA! Dammit, when will you people learn that since the OS hasn't been released, final drivers won't be released either?



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