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ZoneAlarm error, but now back to normal

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This morning, my firealarm was busted. I looked at my computer and I realized that ZoneAlarm's icon bad an X over it. It said that TrueVector has shut off and my firewall is set at lowest. It said there was a system error and it needs me to restart the computer in order for it to work again. I restart the computer but it doesn't boot back up, so I had to press the reset button and the computer started but it went to checking the hard drive. It had to go through 3 stages to repair the OS or something.


The first stage, it was looking in my Data drive which is D drive. It started removing a whole lot of corrupted files. Then it scanned my hard drive and I didn't see what stage 3 was. But now the computer seems ok.


So, does anyone have an idea on what happened for it to cause a crash? I also have Windows XP Pro.



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