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What is 'Generic Process for Win32 Services'?

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I recently had to re-format my root partition and to reinstall Win2K/SP3 and my apps from scratch. The process went fine, I got Windows/SP3 re-installed, then installed Norton Internet Security again (Norton firewall which includes Norton Antivirus). But during the process of downloading subsequent Windows and Norton updates, my machine kept generating the Norton warning dialog "Generic Process for Win32 Services" and inviting me to either allow it or block it.


Now, I recall this happening way back, when I first installed Win2K/SP3 on this machine, and it causing problems when I enabled it. It produced a problem with svchost.exe. So, THIS time, I blocked it.


Blocking it appeared not to hamper the downloads. They all completed okay and installed okay, as far as I know.


But, does anyone know what 'Generic Process for Win32 Services' is all about? Should I have enabled it, rather than blocking it? Or is this message a spoof and merely an opportunity for a Trojan virus to infiltrate my machine?

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Yea Im kinda curious myself. same thing happened with me just downloading Norton FW and Anti Virus. Dunno what the heck to do getting all the alerts. I just played it safe and blocked them all. Hope I didnt screw some irreversable problem up

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