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Can Shuttle SN41G2 (Black) (Nforce2 Chipset) run w-DDR400 ?

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Can a Shuttle SN41G2 (Black) (Nforce2 Chipset) run w-DDR400 or DDR333 running at their full speed ? I recently purchased one, and installed an AMD Barton 2500+ CPU into it, along with 2 sticks of PNY Verto DDR433 (PC3500) Memory. I am having problems getting the system to run stably with FSB=333 for the Barton CPU, and memory running at any setting above 266 Mhz.


Initally, I thought this was due to my using the onboard Video that uses an NVidia MX440 chip. Stuff I had read had led me to believe that since this video chip only runs at a slower speed, it can only access memory that runs at 266 mhz. So I went out and bought a new MSI GeForce FX5600 card that uses AGP 8X, which should allow it to run with memory settings at least up to 333 Mhz, shouldn't it ? Yet I am unable to get to do so in any sort of stable fashion.


Anyone have one of these Nforce2 Shuttle systems that have the BIOS settings for the Memory set to values representing 333 mhz or higher ? I'd really appreciate hearing back from anyone who does, or who has any info or suggestions for me on how to get this to run with memory settings that reflect the DDR333 or DDR400 memory they have installed ?


Oh - I've tried flahing the bios to the newer v22 BIOS - not much luck there, sadly ..


Thanks Much,



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Nforce2 should run ddr266/333/400 without any problems even at dual channel mode.

But to make sure, try it with just one stick first.


I've never heard that your gpu can limit the speed of your ram ;(


Why couldn't you flash your bios?

download it here http://www.shuttle.com/hq/support/download/dwn2.asp?model=SN41G2#

You also need a utility from ftp://ftp.shuttle.com/BIOS/utility

or a dos utility.

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I was able to flash the BIOS to v22,didn't improve situation .. I did replace the Athlon CPU with another Barton 2500+ CPU - the place I bought it from had encountered a number of problems with the Barton packages containing the older chips. That enabled me to get the sytem's FSB up to 333 Mhz .. however, running the memory at anything close to that causes system to lock up immediately after BIOS messages and post .. so now I'm left with a system that's using very fast memory, but only runs at 266 Mhz - even with my brand-new MSI FX5600-VTDR128 AGP 8X card installed !


I've used this PNY Verto High-Speed memory before in Nforce2 motherboards, without a problem. They use speed-binned winners out of Samsung's DDR chips, and can run at 433 Mhz CL2.5 without breaking a sweat. I've read in other forums about an issue where the system reset's the CL to 3, and the system has a real issue running at CL3 period. So I guess my next step, is to try to do what other's have done - clear the CMOS, swap out the high-speed memory with some generic PC-2100 stuff, and then once it is able to reboot OK, go into the BIOS and set the memory timings using EXPERT mode (including manually forcing it out of CL3), shut it all down, swap back in the high-speed DDR-433 memory, and it all should work OK .. anyone reading this think it's a bit more convoluted of a process for a user to have to do ?


Anyone else have any ideas for me to try ? Should I see about replacing the BIOS chip ? Should I chalk it up to a bad motherboard, and see about getting it replaced ? Is this the normal Shuttle/Gforce2 experience ?


Thanks ..

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