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won't load the taskbar w/o cd

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hi everybody smile

help pls. i have this situation in windows server2003 ent.. eveytime i boot in this OS explorer exe is some what looking for something it seems like it just hang in there and my computer look like it freezed. my taskbar won't show up. press ctl+alt+del to re-start, it wait for explorer to shut down but if i put a cd (any kind) in re-writable drive and re-boot OS, it load fine and fast and taskbar shows up right away. it does't work in dvd drive if you put cd only in rewritable drive. anybody has explanation on this? thanx in advance.


ep 8rda+ rev 1.1

barton 2500 @2.310mhz

OS: win2k pro, win xp pro, win2003

hd: wd 2x120gig

dvd rom&re-writable drive: lite on

twinmos pc3200 2x256 winbond

antec true power 430wtts

sapphire radeon 9600 pro

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yea i will try that i will let you know. this hi val cd writer spin so much when booting up with cd inside. the only thing i like with this it write fast and no error in my encoded movies. thanx see ya smile

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i unplug the cdrw drive and it boots fine. how come it doesn't do this in xp and win2k. only this os, it sucks no i think hi val sucks. i don't want to buy a another one. anyway if any one has an idea to solve this pls response. thanks guys

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