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I'm setting up an old comp for my friend.


Mobo is an EPOX EP-58MVP3C-M VIA MVP3 chipset with an amd 300 3Dnow

128mb ram

40GB maxtor HDD


The problem is that after installing the drivers for my rage128pro and rebooting the screen just goes blank when the desktop should appear.


I'm running windows 2000


Latest ati drivers

latest via 4in1

latest bios



It just goes blank (the monitor stays on) and I have to reset the machine.


I also tried an ati rage128 but the same thing happens.


Anyone know a cure for this?

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Could it be the default Resolution/Refresh rates don't like the monitor ?!?


I usually boot back into safe mode and uninstall the display driver, then reboot into normal mode and have it redetect the display once more, be sure that it doesn't set some weird refresh rate that the monitor can't handle or display properly.

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