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Help this newbe and maybe more will follow ;)

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Hi alll..


I think it's time for me to checkout this Linux thing, I have been reading some stuff before I begin, but there is one big question before I begin the install.


As a first time user is it really this difficult to get my raid to work?


What filesystem shouls I use?


Should I have 2 parttitons just to test it? (1:OS and 2:swap)


after this questions are answwered I hope I will have anough info to install my first Linux os.


I have the 5 discs of RadHat 8.0 and 3 discs of mandrake. Highpoint have RedHat drivers maybe this will work best?


below is my system, please share some thoughts and upcoming problems.


Abit IT7-MAX2

PIV 2.53

512Mb Corsair

Radeon 9700 Pro

Audigy Platinum

Plextor 24X

Lite-On 48X

Pioneer DVD 16X


2 IBM 120 GXP 120Gb RAID-0 "NTFS"

1 WD 80 GB "NTFS"

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Before you get all gung-ho and repartition your hard drive, I would try out something like Knoppix or something like it, if you have a decent internet connection. This will give you any indication of problems you might have hardware wise, and since you can run it right off the CD, you don't have to monkey with your hard drive.


You should stick to ext3 for a file system, and I would install mandrake first since they seem to be a little more newbie friendly.

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