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How to disable dos warning messages under win 2000

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I have a problem with a DOS program which launces another dos program.


I get a warning telling me that the program has tried to acces the harddisk directly and this is not allowed.


If I press close the programs ends, and if I press ignore the program continues without any problems.


So does anybody know how I can turn this warning off.



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It is not the DOS program that gives me the warning. IT is windows 2000, that tells me that the dos program tries to write directly to the disk, and this is not allowed.


When the dos programs is executed full screen, I dont get the warning.



I am sorry but I feel like killing Bill Gates at the moment. I have worked all day on fixing this computer, and that included a reinstall of office 2000. But NO NO NO. Office 2000 does not allow me to reinstall. I have searched the web, and found some utilitis from Microsoft that could solve the problem.


They thought rong. The only solution is to reinstall windows 2000, and every f****** application. I started this work yesterday and are back to scratch.


I Hate Microsoft, it is like every time there is a new windows released. The security updates destroyes your old system. You have to upgrade to get rid of your problems. AKSLFlaskfjlkjwretiopujklælkjasfæjkl.


I am one very angry technician at the moment. Sorry. ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

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Providing you have the latest service pack, i believe its included



Right click on the shortcut, and click properties.


Then go the the compatibility tab



You can try anything from Windows 95 to Windows 2000.



It may hav DOS options too. Just try combinations to see what works

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Funny, I have the latest service pack.


I am using a win2000 servicepack 4, and have created a shortcut for the dos program on my desktop, but I dont see the compatability tab, in the properties.


Does it not work on shortcuts ?


/HGR ;(

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