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bandwidth throttle

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OK. I am looking for a program that will trottle the bandwidth for one IP on my network. Here is my setup:

W2K server running Winroute as a gateway connected to a switch. I only have a 256/128 cable connection and I have one user that is sucking up all of the bandwidth. Even to the point where a PING can not get out! ;(

Anybody know of a progy to do this?

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The problem with what you are stating is a rather complex topic.


Throttling bandwith requires a network appliance that is able to differentiate what frame belongs to what application.


If you start at the low end of the OSI model, you can block applications by port number, but nowadays applications (p2p apps) can use dynamic port numbers. Even then, a savy user can use HTTP Tunnel to force all traffic to port 80 (few admins use firewalls to block 80)


So now you need to go higher on the OSI model (up to 7) where you can purchase a network appliance (www.packeteer.com) that can difference between the frames no matter the port number used.


So now what about 802.11q or Quality of Service .... well in most environments it is not feasible. You need to be running the service as well as the client and use a Windows 2000 2003 proxy to run the Admission Control Service to weigh the priority of the packets.


ISA Server is another possible solution, though very heavy on the resources of a machine.


This topic has been covered in the threads before, so feel free to search for other posts. But I believe for the SOHO user, at the moment, the best bandwidth manager is talking to the user.


HTH smile

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