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Zalman ZM80A-HP on a Intel D865PERL motherboard?

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I'm planing on getting a new mobo, probably a Intel D865PERL or a D875PBZLK...


now to the question.. both those cards seem to have huge chipset heatsinks, so i was just wondering if anyone has tested the ZM80A-HP on any of these boards?


the ZM80A is on a Leadtek Ti4200...


third motherboard choice would be the Asus P4P800... i've heard the heatsink in question should fit just good on that one.. but i'd like to know about the other choices aswell...



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I just got done building a video editor using the 865Perl "intel" board and as part of my thermal soloution I added a Zalman zm80hp on my ATI 9800 pro GPU. It puts the I in TIGHT!

BUT it does fit and it does a killer job once installed.

If you dont have the fan "optional $10.00 part" I would do so.

Also once it is in after doing the micro surgery of putting it together and install; your gonna want to leave it there!

I modded a chop stick of all things "widdled and dremmled" so I can safly release the agp pin safely.


That being said: one can only hold ones breath so long!

If you arent very patient or steady handed I would let some one who is do the instal.


Bottom line; It is a bitchen mix of sandwiched gpu excellence combined with a killer MOBO! Good Luck....

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