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Mozilla Firebird 0.6 (Glendale) Soon

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Mozilla Firebird 0.6 (Glendale) should be released soon, possibly within a week or so.


Since the release of the 0.5 milestone, a lot of things have happened. We're slowly getting closer to a 0.6 release, and the biggest news so far is:


* New default theme


The latest versions of Mozilla Firebird sports a crisp, fresh and attractive theme, based on the Qute theme by Arvid Axelsson.


* Redesigned Preferences window


The new Options window puts the most often used preferences into 7 convenient panels, each with a descriptive icon selector.


* Improved Privacy Options


With a single click (and a confirmation) users can clear all privacy data including form data, history, cache, cookies, etc.


* Automatic Image Resizing


When this feature is turned on, Mozilla Firebird shrinks any image that is bigger than the window to make the whole image visible. When this is done, the cursor over the image changes to tell you that if you click, the image is restored to full size.


* Smooth Scrolling


Instructions on how to disable this feature can be found here.


* New bugs...


The nightly builds certainly aren't perfect, but if you are curious about what's changed since 0.5, you should give them a try.



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Even the nightly builds of 0.6 are far better than 0.5 and previous releases. 0.6 surprised me, after years of using crappy Mozilla derivative after crappy Mozilla derivative and with earlier versions of Phoenix doing little to change that, 0.6 made a pleasant change. Downloading and rendering are reasonably fast now (only took them 5 years to get it right...) and the new theme is a definite improvement over the old. It still suffers from the same blandness and lack of flair that the boring, minimalist types have wet dreams over but thats easy enough to change (in theory at least. As the Moz guys have no idea how to write tight code, the only way for them to make Phoenix smaller was to start chopping of bits and pieces left, right and center and one of the first to get the chop was the Mozilla skin engine). The pop-up blocker is a touch over-sensitive though, it blocked at least one pop-up I wanted and while fixing that is relatively simple (you can maintain a list of sites that the pop-up blocker will ignore) it shouldn't be necessary as the blocker should be smart enough to make it unnecessary. The filesize also needs more work. At around 6Mb, it's now a third smaller than it was when I first used it (9Mb) and half the size of the regular Mozilla (12-14Mb) but when Opera can pack more functionality into a package half the size again (3.2Mb) it indicates theres something seriously wrong with their coding methodology

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I've been using the nightly builds myself as well, and they're sweet. I finally started getting into using the extensions now too, and fell in love with the tab scroller. You just right click on the page and scroll the mouse wheel to flip through the tabs (which comes in handy when you have 10 or so going at once :)).

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The ONLY thing I don't like is how you have to hack user.js & prefs.js manually to alter your webpage cache location in it. This is done graphically in Mozilla which is simpler (especially for non-nerd techno geek users)... I move mine to a 1gb partition on a CENATEK Ramdrive circuit board for that, & it's still easier to do in Mozilla than Phoenix/Firebird... nitpicking, but I am (lol) entitled to some of that, I get alot of that I have to field myself! apk

There is another way, though it's admittedly not much better. Put the url "about:config" in the address bar and you should get a large editable list of prefs including "browser.cache.disk.parent_directory", which I think is the value you are wanting to edit.

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