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Windows NT 4.0 Server Crash

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Can anybody help me bring back my Windows NT 4.0 server back to life?

All i know is that its totally messed up. Server comes to a point where it gives out a blue screen with some messages about dumping memory then it just stays there..... I also know that Hard drives are running off a raid card and thats it.... HELP!!!!!!!!



thank you very much in advance for the help

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Ideas ...


1. Create a parallel install of NT 4 Server.

2. Restore from backups.

3. Have you tried safe mode?

4. What were the roles of the server?

5. Tools for recovery http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/utilities.shtml

6. Service Pack and hotfix levels?

7. Hardware or software raid?


The above is not necessary in the order of what you should do smile



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