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Planetside beta

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I was wondering who here has had a chance to play the recently opened PlanetSide beta. I got a chance to fool around with it yesterday and I can say it is AWESOME!!! I had my doubts about it, seeing that I didnt understand how something like a FPS would make it in the MMO world. This game can hold its own and will soon dethrone Counter-Strike as the most widely played game on the internet. As of right now there are over 3500 people playing the game, and that is at one time!!


So anyone out there that is a fan of Tribes or games like that I urge you to get your butt out there and get the beta of this game because it is a KILLER!!!!


This game is Dave Gorgenson's dream of what the original Tribes should be, MASSIVE and FUN with an emphasis on team work!!



http://www.planetside.com and http://www.planetside.com/beta

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