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Linux advice for a complete n00b, please!

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I am a complete, total Linux n00b. I used to swear by Microsoft Windows, but recently have seen the light, as it were, and all this Palladium/Fritz chip crap from Microsoft/Intel has convinced me it is time to ditch Microsoft.


So, I got myself a Linux distro off a magazine (I don't have enough cash to buy a proper distro, and I only have 56k, so downloading one is out of the question) and am now stuck.


The distro I have is Cool Linux 2.00 CD. First of all, it seems to run off of the CD entirely. Is it possible to install it onto my HDD so that it is my main OS (if it works well and I get on with it, it will be my main OS).


Secondly, how do I get my modem to work? Its a PCTel HSP56 MicroModem, and I have some unofficial Linux drivers for it, but I am told it isn't as simple as just running an installer file like I do for the Windows versions of the drivers.


Any help you can offer will be appreciated!

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I am not familiar with Cool Linux, but Knoppix is a CD-only distro as well and can be copied from the CD to the HD using a command once it's booted up. As for the modem, check out www.linmodems.org for more information on your model. Also, with respect to the Fritz chip, AMD is in on it too, so don't leave them out...



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Hey, me again!


I have managed to find the install to hdd script on Cool Linux 2.00, but now when I try to run it says:


Read only file system.



Or words to that effect, I suspect thats because it is running from the CD, is there some way I can copy the files to the hdd and then run the script?


As for buying some reasonable priced Linux CD's, I plan on doing just that when I get some cash, but right now I have no money. At all. frown

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