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Restart Disk Management Snap-in under Win2K sp3

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When I launch ComputerManagement and click the DiskManagement Tree item, I get


"An internal error has occurred. Please restart the disk management snap-in"


So I Run MMC, follow the instructions to add the DM snap-in, but:


1) On exiting MMC, with or without a save of the consol, and re-launching CM, same error

2) Even before exiting MMC, clicking on the newly created snap-in also causes the same error


... I have tried many permutations on this theme


Then I try the MS instruction in case of problems "use multiple adds", and then remove first instance

--> same result, "An internal ... please restart etc".


I would be grateful for any advice on how I can get the Disk Management snap-in to work again, and could this be something to do with a registry error?

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Thanks for that, but no joy


1) Start Button-> Run Command -> diskmgmt.msc results with a quasi blank consol (eg. get main window, but now child windows and no functionality) and the same "snap-in" error message


2) Temp/Tmp are ok, they are on the C:\WinNT\Temp etc as they should be with "%SystemRoot%\TEMP" as the actual values, and plenty of free space.


??? what to do, have done boolean search on MS and web for this problem but no luck yet

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