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Everytime I use ad-aware to clean, I cannot connect...

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Here is the stuff that adware says Ive got to remove. See anything I should not remove?



Ad-aware 6 Scanning Result, 3-17-2003 7:50:14 PM


Vendor Type Category Object Comment

CommonName Process Data Miner c:\progra~1\common~2\toolbar\winnet.exe

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:BabeIE.AgentIE\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:BabeIE.AgentIE.1\

IPInsight RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{000004CC-E4FF-4F2C-BC30-DBEF0B983BC9}\

Favoriteman RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{00000EF1-34E3-4633-87C6-1AA7A44296DA}\

MySearch RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{014DA6C1-189F-421a-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

MySearch RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{014DA6C2-189F-421a-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{014DA6C3-189F-421a-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{014DA6C5-189F-421a-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{014DA6C7-189F-421a-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{014DA6C9-189F-421a-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{014DA6CB-189F-421a-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:CLSID\{6656b666-992f-4d74-8588-8ca69e97d90c}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:Interface\{014DA6C4-189F-421A-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:Interface\{014DA6C6-189F-421A-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:Interface\{014DA6CA-189F-421A-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:Interface\{014DA6CC-189F-421A-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

IPInsight RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:Interface\{297AFC77-2039-4D3C-BEF9-598819EB2C8A}\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:Interface\{99908473-1135-4009-BE4F-32B921F86ED9}\

IPInsight RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:IPInsigt.IPInsigtObj.1\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:MySearchToolBar.NetscapeShutdown\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:MySearchToolBar.NetscapeShutdown.1\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:MySearchToolBar.NetscapeStartup\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:MySearchToolBar.NetscapeStartup.1\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:MySearchToolBar.SettingsPlugin\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:MySearchToolBar.SettingsPlugin.1\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:Software\CLASSES\BabeIE.Handler\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:Software\CLASSES\BabeIE.Handler.1\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:Software\CLASSES\BabeIE.Helper\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:Software\CLASSES\BabeIE.Helper.1\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:Software\CLASSES\Interface\{2D0F5208-3198-49A4-86A7-D65E9E582751}\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:Software\CLASSES\PROTOCOLS\Handler\cn\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:SOFTWARE\CommonName\

Cydoor RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CURRENT_USER:software\cydoor\

Cydoor RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:Software\Cydoor\

Cydoor RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CURRENT_USER:software\cydoor services\


CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}\

IPInsight RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{000004CC-E4FF-4F2C-BC30-DBEF0B983BC9}\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{014DA6C1-189F-421a-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

FlashTrack RegKey Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\FTapp\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\My Search Uninstall\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:Software\MySearch\

MySearch RegKey Misc HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:TypeLib\{014DA6C0-189F-421A-88CD-07CFE51CFF10}\

CommonName RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:TypeLib\{D879D743-E2CC-4161-8034-2234203681C9}\

Favoriteman RegKey Data Miner HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:TypeLib\{EF100607-F409-426A-9E7C-CB211F2A9030}\

MySearch RegValue Misc HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\

MySearch RegValue Misc HKEY_CURRENT_USER:Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Automation Shutdown\

MySearch RegValue Misc HKEY_CURRENT_USER:Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\Automation Startup\

CommonName RegValue Data Miner HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\c:\progra~1\common~2\toolbar\winnet.exe

New.Net RegKey Misc HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:System\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinSock2\Parameters\Protocol_Catalog9\Catalog_Entries\000000000001\c:\windows\newdot~1.dll

New.Net RegKey Misc HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:System\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinSock2\Parameters\Protocol_Catalog9\Catalog_Entries\000000000002\c:\windows\newdot~1.dll

New.Net RegKey Misc HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:System\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinSock2\Parameters\Protocol_Catalog9\Catalog_Entries\000000000019\c:\windows\newdot~1.dll

New.Net RegKey Misc HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:System\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinSock2\Parameters\Protocol_Catalog9\Catalog_Entries\000000000020\c:\windows\newdot~1.dll

New.Net RegKey Misc HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:System\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinSock2\Parameters\NameSpace_Catalog5\Catalog_Entries\000000000004\c:\windows\newdotnet3_36.dll

CommonName Folder Data Miner C:\Program Files\CommonName\

MySearch File Misc c:\program files\mysearch\bar\1.bin\s42ns.exe

MySearch File Misc c:\program files\mysearch\bar\1.bin\s4bar.dll

Cydoor Folder Data Miner C:\WINDOWS\system32\AdCache\

Favoriteman File Data Miner c:\windows\system32\mbr32.dll

Favoriteman File Data Miner c:\windows\system32\mpz300.dll

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nah its not the browser. even when i load icq afterwards it closes saying something like unable to open sockets.


email cant login, norton antivirus corporate gets some wierd yellow exclamation mark. I had to system restore.

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well there are two spyware files I cannot remove. it always says there in use and I tried safe mode.








I read somewhere that these change winsock settings and do not correct those settings after being removed thus causing connection problems. Any ideas how I can remove these baddies?

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I am having the same trouble that were mentioned in these postings ...


Everytime I restart my computer and error message comes up:

Error loading c:\progra~1\newdot~1\newdot~1.dll


Now, I cannot connect to the internet or my e-mail.


This began after I downloaded and installed Norton Antivirus 2004 w/internet security program from the Norton Web Site.


Norton help line states that it is not a Norton problem. I have fully uninstalled all Norton programs and I still cannot connect to the internet or my e-mail.


I operating with Windows ME ....

I cannot access the internet with the computer involved, so how do I get the repair files??? The discs sent to my when I purchased my Gateway Notebook are "restore" discs ... there isn't a specific Windows ME disc ...


Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

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im having similar problems with adaware. i installed it, it found about a million things wrong with my computer and the NT countdown started. so i set it to run before windows opened, ran it, deleted the lot, and then my internet connection disappeared. couldnt fix it, so hit windows restore, but now im back to the original issue - there's a lot of crap on my computer doing damage. particular current problem is that when i try to open certain sites in IE eg www.gigsandtours.com, before the page loads IE shuts itself down and disappears. i can get hold of a copy of McAfee this weekend, but will i have the same connection deletion if i run that?


i dont know much about computers at all, any help much appreciated. why do people write things that wreck complete strangers computers?!

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