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New Norton AntiVirus Definitions 05/19/2003 updated

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Just a quick heads up to anyone using Symantec AV.


The Norton anti-virus definitions file for 11th Feb 2003 (.004 I am

told) was somehow corrupted. In our fairly large environment, all

workstations that received that update no longer had working AV.


Our test labs with newer versions of NAV have experienced similar



We are finding that manual steps are required to get NAV working again

with working signatures are rather cumbersome.


Symantec seems to be keeping the info very close to their chest. They

do acknowledge the problem happened yesterday if you call with an issue

regarding it. However I couldn't find any mention anywhere else.

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I did not even know of another method, how similar is what I did to what you know now to do manually according to Symantec, I would like to know... thanks!

Our fix is actually pretty basic, uninstall LiveUpdate and re-install (plus
deleting a couple of folders that uninstall doesn't - this is actually the
most critical part). Then, IF you're setup correctly and have all your
clients up[censored] from your server, you're fixed. If you have all the
clients up[censored] from the website....you've got a loonnngggg boring day
ahead of you!

HTH this helps anyone else who ran into this.

Time for actual work .... cya folks.

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