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Intel SpeedStep on Pentium 4-M.... NEVER RUNS AT FULL SPEED

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I have recently got a Dell Inspiron 4150, Pentium 4 1.8Ghz Notebook. I am having issues with the chip NEVER running above 1.2Ghz. I have played with every bios and power manangement setting in Windows XP and still for some reason cant get it to run at its 1.8ghz speed. When I am plugged into the AC I expect to have maximum performance but what ever I do I cant stop it running at 1.2ghz.


The thing is the the speedstep applet is now built into Windowsx XP and isnt seperate like in earlier operating systems, so I dont have direct control over frequency sets.


And NO, the power management applet in control panel doesnt do anything to make it go faster, in fact on some settings its drops to below 800Mhz.


Does anybody know how to make the Pentium 4-M run at full speed? PLEASE HELP.




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