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Creating 2 seperate DHCP scopes on the same network??

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What I am trying to do is limit certain users from getting the default gateway IP so they will not be able to access the internet. I am trying to create 2 seperate DHCP scopes on the same network....ie: One scope with gateway information, and another scope without the gateway information. Whenever I create the new second scope, I get an error about the new scope conflicting with an existing scope. The first scope is - And the second scope is - Both of the scopes are on the same subnet mask at ...When I change the subnet mask of the second scope to a different subnet mask, it ofcourse lets me create the new scope. But I need them both on the same subnet mask.


I've read numerous articles on Technet concerning this, and all say it CAN be done with great success, but none of them explain the tricks to get it working.


Please help if you can, OR if anyone can think of a good way to limit certain DHCP clients from accessing the internet without configuring our very limited router, please let us know of any ideas.


ThanX !!

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I had to return just to see if my post was actually here....and that I wasn't dreaming when I posted this. Cuz by the vast number of replies, I was beginning to believe that I was dreaming...



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