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Highpoint 366 chip error 'no available devices' on Soyo MB

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Using a Highpoint HP366 controller chip on a Soyo SY6BA+IV MB I get a 'no available devices' when entering the boot order screen in the HP bios. This just started. The bios version is the stock 1.25.

I tried to update the driver through Windows, but the version still shows 1.25 in Device Manager after installing or trying to install 1.28!


Both drives show in the boot screen and in Windows and are accessible in Windows. I just can't change the boot order.


BTW, I'm running Win 2000 w/sp3 with 2 bootable Maxtor drives


Any ideas?

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I contacted Soyo and they DID get back to me telling me to try to change the boot order to scsi,c,a from a,c,scsi in the MB's bios and it worked!


I don't remember if I could access the drives before with the order that way, I never had this problem before. I have changed the order before many times, but never looking what order it was set in the MB's Award bios!


Now, if anyone knows how to update the Highpoint chip's bios since Highpoint's update V1.28 is just for PCI cards I believe, or at least it doesn't work here!

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