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Why doesn't IE 6.0 cache any web pages??

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What's up with IE 6.0 always reloading a web page everytime I visit the page?? It never seems to cache the pages at all....This really sucks for a few of my 56k friends. And before you suggest it, I have already selected the correct settings under Internet Options > General > Temporary Internet Files > Settings ....Or atleast they're the same settings I have used for years.


I know for a fact that in earlier versions of IE the page wouldn't actually fully reload unless the timestamp on the page was different from the one already in your temporary internet files....So why doesn't IE 6.0 do the same thing? Currently, I have opted to manually update the pages by selecting 'Never', under Temporary Internet Files > Settings....Which works OK, but when I visit pages that update daily, I have to click reload if I want to actually update the page.


Anyone know of a good fix to get IE 6.0's caching back to the way it was??

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Honestly, I hadn't noticed (I have a broadband connection) so I checked it out: Sure enough... IE doesn't seem to cache correctly, or try to load a page from the cache. I am not sure, but I know that SP1 for IE 6 is coming out very soon. Perhaps someone else knows a bit more about the corrections in SP1 than I. Maybe there's a beta tester that frequents the forums?

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