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Choosing a Speaker/Sub Combo for win2k - chameleon

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#1 chameleon



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Posted 11 December 1999 - 03:58 AM

Hey Peeps, im in the market for a good speaker system that comes with a subwoofer for my win2k monster. ;o) im tired of my old crappy speakers (made in 1991 ;oP) so if anyone has a phat setup they recommend let me know, i have seen phat stuff in the $60-70 range from Antec Lansing, their powercube, or PC Works. Let me know which you think is the best! price no higher than $70 please!

chameleon kyoshiro from win2kbox.8m.com

#2 ByronT



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Posted 11 December 1999 - 04:34 AM

My setup falls outside of the price range you posted - unless you can find them at an auction site for sale... But I have used a Bose three speaker setup, a Sony three speaker setup, Advent Powered Partners AV570 two speaker system and finally have settled with Cambridge SoundWorks FPS2000 Digital. Of all of these setups, the Cambridge SoundWorks has been unmatched - for games and for playing CDs. My desktop actually thumps in time with hard bass output (when I crank 'em up).

I don't know if the PC Works setup uses the same cube speakers as these Cambridge (I think it does...) but if they do, it shouldn't even be a question of which to get.

By the way, if you're interested, I might be willing to unload these Advent Powered Partners for very little. The treble output is great, but the bass can be overloaded. They originally sold for $250.00, but right now they're just gathering dust. Check them out at GameSpot's review: http://img.gamespot....kers/av570.html

J. Byron Todd
Computer Consultant
Todd Computer Solutions

#3 YuppieScum



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Posted 11 December 1999 - 06:52 PM

This might be a little beyond your price range (but don't forget, they can always be an Xmas prezzie to yourself), but www.benwin.com do a really great "flat panel + sub-bass" combo for about $90 - I bought a set for my box a work, and they're great. They look and sound way cool.

UDATE: I've just checked the site, and they're now selling for $69.95

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#4 chameleon



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Posted 12 December 1999 - 12:02 AM

Thanks Yuppie,
I was just at the creative labs website and im kinda looking into their Cambridge systems since i remember seeying very high reviews about them, i havent made any final decisions but im looking into the PCWorks 2 speaker setup + Sub, which i have found for 34.95, but i stumbled today on the Soundworks Digital 2 speakers + Sub, which goes for 75.99, they are the black ones.

I started thinking if digital is that much better sounding than analog for speakers?

im at the benwin site now.. some phat stuff there (NY slang for international viewers)

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