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about a window manager called mwm

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Hi all,


I am new here and also new to redhat linux 7.3. I'd like to ask if there is actually a window manager called mwm?


If that is true, please let me know where I can find it.


Thank you in advance.



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mwm is the Motif Window Manager. Traditionally it has always been a commercial product you had to buy. However, lesstif is an opensource implementation of Motif. The lesstif package includes a mwm clone as well. I don't use RedHat, so I'm not sure if it is installed by default. I'm sure it's on RedHat's CD's though, so just install it with rpm, and mwm should be available.


mwm is a bit antiquated, though. Unless you absolutely need it, I would suggest using a more modern one such as kde, gnome, icewm, etc.

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