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Samsung SD-612B Drivers (Windows XP)

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I realize I'm a little late replying to this post, but hopefully I can be of some help to those of you like me who are a little late at reading this post.


As far as an driver update for the Samsung SD-612 DVD-ROM compatible with WinBLOWS XP... it does not exist. Thanks to the "wonderful" people at Samsung who stopped supporting this and many other products of theirs. The SD-612 is simply NOT compatable with XP and I'm sorry to say, there is no solution.

At least my Piece of Sh** Samsung DVD came with my computer when I purchased it so I didn't flush all that money down the toilet per say. Look on the bright side though! You've got 2 CD-ROMS.... hmmmm.. ;(

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I too have a samsung 612 dvd - originally b, upgraded to f using firmware.

It too ceased working under windows XP, but I have found the solution. I believe it will work for all drives:

Right click "My Computer"

Click "Properties"

Click "Hardware"

Click "Device Manager"

Click "IDE/ATA Atapi controllers"

Right click" Secondary IDE" (Or which ever IDE your DVD-Rom is on) and click "Properties"

Click "Advanced Settings"

In "Device 0" (Primary) or "device 1" (Secondary), depending on which your DVD-Rom is on, choose "PIO only" under "Transfer mode" (instead of "DMA if available").

That's it - should work now.

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I went to Samsung's site and upgraded the firmware on my SD-612B to the lastest SD-612B firmware available. While flashing the firmware it said this drive does not support DMA. Setting it to PIO only in device manager as someone mentioned above solved the problem. Not sure if flashing the firmware was needed or not, but I'm just finally glad this drive works in XP.


If you're not sure what version of the SD-612 you have (B F or S), there is a sticker on the bottom of the drive that will tell you.

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I'm using sd-612b with Win XP pro sp2 dma if availale setting

ultra mode 2


driver microsoft 7/01/2001 driver version 5.1.3135.0

provider b.h.a co., Ltd 1.0.7



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