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Voodoo3 2000 and Win2000

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Hello here


I just switched to Windows 2000 Pro, and now I can't use any application/game making use of 3D (either using glide, opengl or directx) without crashing when returning to the desktop (ie. i can play fine, but when quitting the game all I have is a garbage on the screen and I can't do anything after that). 2D Games works well though.


I tried many different drivers (official ones and some tweaks), all have the same effect.


Under windows 98se, I don't have any problems.


Do you have any ideas to eradicate this problem ?



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Thanks for your reply


I've tried the second driver you mentionned (the first one I got a 403), and now it works (at least with unreal tournament, I can switch back to the desktop and quit the game without problems now smile

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