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Weird Update from Microsoft - how to install?

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Hi guys


There's a new USB update from Microsoft at:



Yes the update is a executable with only 3 cab files in it.


How can you install this update? It just extracts to a directory?


If you rightclick on the .inf's and select install - to does nothing (extracted from the "update.cab" in the update)


There's a file called usbuhci.sys._p1 that I wish to install manually (since I don't know what M$oft's idea was here)


Usually you can expand compressed files with the filename.ex_ format with:

expand -r filename.ex_ --> filename.ext (uncompressed)


but this is in a weird format usbuhci.sys._p1 - how can I expand the file to usbuhci.sys and install the update manually??


Hope someone can help - XP's USB implementation sux bigtime more so than in 2k.




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What paramaters are those for Davros?

Expand from M$ost accepts only:


Microsoft ® File Expansion Utility Version 5.1.2600.0

Copyright © Microsoft Corp 1990-1999. All rights reserved.


Expands one or more compressed files.


EXPAND [-r] Source Destination

EXPAND -r Source [Destination]

EXPAND -D Source.cab [-F:Files]

EXPAND Source.cab -F:Files Destination


-r Rename expanded files.

-D Display list of files in source.

Source Source file specification. Wildcards may be used.

-F:Files Name of files to expand from a .CAB.

Destination Destination file | path specification.

Destination may be a directory.

If Source is multiple files and -r is not specified,

Destination must be a directory.


I don't know what you mean?

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Most of the hotfixes (Qxxxxxx) since Win2k use:


-u Unattended mode

-f Force other programs to close when the computer shuts down

-n Do not back up files for uninstall

-o Overwrite OEM files without prompting

-z Do not restart when installation is complete

-q Quiet mode (no user interaction)

-l List installed hotfixes


Of course we all know how consistent MS is. Try contacting MS tech support about it, they can be very helpful with stuff like this.

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While this is a piece of software, it is really a Hardware install. Open up Control Panel -> Add/Remove Hardware -> Choose From List -> Other Device -> Have Disk. At this stage, point it to the .inf file that you've extracted earlier. At least that is how it used to be done, for example, as in creating a ramdisk.

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Thanks for posting:


This is a Dynamic Update File that's used (in theory) when you install XP (mass deployment of XP by admins). The .exe is not in the other M$oft patch formats but extracts only (aarrg) you need to run winnt32 (i386 dir) off the Install CD with winnt32.exe /duprepare:"c:\extracted location" to prepare the patch files (it did nothing my my PC). Then you need to install the Updates with Win. With: winnt32 /dushare:"c:\location of prepared files".


It's supposed to updated the original CD Setup files (which it copies to the HD) and then install WinXP. There's a new Install Screen called Dynamic Update when Windows Installs. Didn't install the file on my System regardless.


I haven't tried the hardware approarch to just update the driver: Its def. a USB driver for the iso-synchonous transfer bugs in WinXP - I would, however, expect something allong the lines of "usb.inf" to install. Thanks will try that asap.

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What are all this crap. I had found the answer in other place

and i will post here.


Is there an .inf file in each .cab ? If so, extract the .cab files to the Desktop, open the newly created folder, right click the .inf file and choose Install.

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